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VT KnowledgeWorks Community Development

VT KnowledgeWorks and the nonprofit Virginia Community Economic Network (VCEN) have entered into a strategic partnership to help Virginia communities reorient and sustain their economic relevance in the global marketplace by redeploying assets toward creative entrepreneurship and the new economy.

SourceLink Virginia is the premier online resource connecting entrepreneurs and small businesses to resource providers across the Commonwealth. It provides aspiring, emerging, and established entrepreneurs with free and easy access to a wide variety of business-building services and programs.  

Fundamental presumptions:
  • To obtain and retain economic relevance for the coming decades, each community must identify and celebrate its unique economic reasons for existence.
  • Policies and practices should intentionally encourage and enable startups and expansions that complement existing economic strengths of the community.  Random startup activities are unlikely to result in meaningful economic prosperity.
2015-2016 activities:

  • Expand online business resource portal.
  • Engage 4-7 targeted communities to co-create “Intentional Entrepreneurship” models that blend business and community development.
  • Provide additional tools to Virginia Cooperative Extension to work with local companies and communities.
  • Host professional development events for sector partners. 

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